Katuka Association

Katuka Association is a non-profit organization involved in social and educational issues, born to provide education spaces for different types of persons, regardless of their age, to favour behavioural, vital or any kind of learning processes. It was constituted by a group of four members in 2016.

The therapeutic and educational program “Neighing Emotions”, is run by the founding partners who form Katuka Association. It is oriented to 8 youths fostered at the » Asociación Hogares Nuevo Futuro» (Nursing Home). The program is held at Beramendi, Navarra, and its goal is to develop emotional, communication and social skills, to create a healthy emotional environment that can be transferred to everyday settings and improve their life quality. This project has been included in the sponsorship planning Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre has for 2017.

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