El Aula a Caballo

El Aula a CaballoEl Aula a Caballo is an association striving to promote and offer high quality horse assisted therapies in the province of Córdoba. Among its goals are:

  • To give the population with special needs in Cordoba city and province the opportunity to receive high quality horse assisted therapy.
  • To provide their families with support and intervention plans so they can also benefit from the therapy, or participate in any way to improve the user’s quality of life.
  • To foster Citizen Participation by promoting the need of instruction in equestrian therapies (school provided or by volunteer training plans), in governmental volunteer information sites or through the association’s own web page.
  • To cooperate with different special needs associations and organizations whose members require horse assisted therapy on a regular basis or want to work as volunteers (in this case, they must have a high degree of personal autonomy).

The association’s activities focus on individuals with special needs requiring a specific intervention program, and on their families, residents in Cordoba City or province. Also, residents in Cordoba City, with or without diversity, can participate in the Volunteer and Training Programs.

FPDE will contribute to their Therapies, giving financial support to the construction of an access ramp to facilitate riding the horses.

For more information about El Aula a Caballo: www.facebook.com/elaulaacaballo

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