CabalCan Association

logo con nombreBy the end of 2016, Oriol and Estela decided to create CabalCan,  an Association for Animal Assisted Activities and Therapies, that conducts therapies and activities with horses and dogs. Activities with horses are run at Centro Ecuestre Robledales de Ultzama (Robledales de Ultzama Equestrian Centre).

This Association works on the rehabilitation of people of all ages, with different types of special needs, through Equine Therapy, always with a holistic approach to the individual.

Their project for 2017 will be centred on the promotion of horse-assisted activities in an infant-youth sphere. In particular, it will focus on children aged form 7 to 13, from Asociación Navarra de Ayuda a la Infancia y la Familia (Navarra Association for the Support of Children and Families). Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre will collaborate with this project through a cooperation agreement that will be in force throughout 2017.

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