Asociación Autismo Norte de Extremadura – Aunex

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Aunex aims to focus the new challenges that arise in the autism day to day and its relationship with the educational, family and community environment.

At the same time they work to increase social awareness, diversify therapies, ensure that children overcome themselves on a daily basis and, above all, that they are happy.

Its motto, “en autismo sumamos todos” (in autism we all add) synthesizes Aunex philosophy and the purpose of involving the whole community so that the group of people with autism enjoy a dignified and integrated life in society; that «his special world» is not foreign, but part of the «normalized world» that we all share.


  • Promote school, work and social inclusion of people with ASD, providing the necessary services and supports in all areas and in each stage of life.
  • Guarantee the most adequate psychoeducational treatment in accordance with scientific evidence.
  • Offer support to families through information, training, support and affection.
  • Promote the increase and improvement of the response that society offers to this group.
  • As a last and fundamental objective, we want to guarantee a dignified and happy life to all people with ASD in our community.




  • Promover la inclusión escolar, laboral y social de las personas con TEA, prestando los servicios y los apoyos necesarios en todos los ámbitos y en cada una de las etapas de la vida.
  • Garantizar el tratamiento psicoeducativo más adecuado y conforme con las evidencias científicas.
  • Ofrecer el apoyo a las familias a través de la información, formación, acompañamiento y afecto.
  • Promover el incremento y mejora de la respuesta que la sociedad ofrece a este colectivo.
  • Como objetivo último y fundamental deseamos garantizar una vida digna y feliz a todas las personas con TEA de nuestra comunidad.

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