A Jranxa Riding Centre Association

Asociación Club Hípico A Jranxa (A Jranxa Riding Centre Association) has its quarters at Equestrian Centre Galiocio, located in the town of O Grove (Pontevedra).

Their project «Equitación para Todos» (Horse Riding for Everybody) emerges in 2013 with the purpose of offering, both children and adults in the area who suffer from any type of special needs or functional impairment, the opportunity of improving their quality of life through contact with horses, in particular, and with the equestrian world in general.

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre has signed in 2015 a collaboration agreement with A Jranxa to provide them with new adapted riding equipment, intending to improve the quality of the sessions they are currently conducting, encourage new applications and make the interventions already scheduled gratifying and motivating.

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