V Course on Equine Cardiology – María Villalba Orero

One more year, the celebration of the Fifth Course on Equine Cardiology has led to the signature of the fourth collaboration agreement between Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre, and María Villaba Orero, PhD in Veterinary Medicine, Director of the Equine Anesthesia Service, Researcher of the National Center for Cardiovascular Research, and in charge of Sport Care AM 4horse.

A total of 21 students attended the lecture classes held on April 26th and 27th in Madrid, for 10 hours in total.
Only 14 of the students (the maximum allowed), attended the practical training lessons, conducted at  Virgen de las Nieves Clinical Veterinary Hospital for more than three and a half hours in the morning of April 28th.

The course focused on providing up-to-date knowledge on cardiovascular pathology to veterinarians and veterinary students, addressing diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases, valvular pathologies, arrhythmias, decline in performance and collapse.

Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre continues to support the technical training and specialization of veterinary professionals in equine health, relying on María Villalba Orero as a reference to fulfill this objective.

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