Technique and Style Assessments in R.C. Pineda

Sponsored by the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports, on 11th June, Real Club Pineda of Seville hosted the Technique and Style competition held in its facilities.
All 27 contestants took part in assessments for the

  • 1* (one-star) level
  • 2* (two-star) level

After one morning of competitions, the following ranking was obtained:
1* (one-star) level ranking:

  • 1st Place: Jesús Torres with horse “Hans”.
  • 2nd Place: Jesús Torres with “Taquiro”.
  • 3º Place: Juan José Gómez Barba with horse “Sprin JB”.

Clasificación en la categoría de 2* (two-star):

  • 1st Place: Luis Iñiguez Rivero with horse “Anky”.
  • 2nd Place: Luis Astolfi Florez with “Vasco de Gama”.
  • 3rd Place: María González Pablo-Romero with “Kapuleto”.

The winners of the competition received prizes in cash, as well as blankets and rosettes for their horses.

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