Technique and Style Assessments in Alameda del Pardo

Continuing with the competitions scheduled in the national jumping calendar for this year 2010, various Technique and Style Assessments were held on 25th and 26th September at the Equestrian Center Alameda del Pardo, sponsored by the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports, where horsemen and horsewomen displayed their skills in the 1* (one-star) y 2** (two-star) levels.
The first 3 riders ranked in the 1* (one-star) level on the 25th were:

  • First place: Paula Orquiza, with horse “Winnie Bo”.
  • Second place: Andrea Velasco on horse “Fin de Guinea”.
  • Third place: Victoria Carrión, riding “Es Linda”.

For the 2** (two-star) level, the results are shown below:

  • First place. Natalia Pérez with horse “Lex”.
  • Second place: Sergio del Corral with horse “Z”.
  • Third place: Iván José Barros with horse “Macbeth”.

Below are the ranked riders for the 1* (one-star) level on 26th September:

  • First place: Alberto Longo, with horse “Favela”.
  • Second place: María Agua, with horse “Overón”.
  • Third place: Francisco José Sánchez, with horse “Walkirea”.

The top three positions in the 2** (two-star) level were reached by the following riders:

  • First and second place: Sergio del Corral, on horses “Z” and “Nils”, respectively.
  • Third place: Vicente Juzgado, with horse “Babe de Wildeste”.

The winners of the competition received cash prizes, and the top riders in each level got blankets and rosettes for their horses.
In this way, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports keeps on promoting the Technique and Style Assessments, which from the beginning have attained a high level of prestige in the world of sportive horse-riding.
nzado un alto nivel de prestigio en el mundo de la equitación deportiva.

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