Style and Technique Assessment in Sotogrande Hípica

Within the sport activities schedule sponsored by the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports, on 1st May there was the third Style and Technique Assessment of the I Jumping Social League of the Horse-Riding Center Sotogrande in Cádiz. The 22 attendants competed in the 1* (one-star) and 2** (two-star) levels.
The following are the contestants ranked in the 1* (one-star) level:

  • First place: Rocío Maldonado with horse “Kazaam”.
  • Second place: Chanel Foster with horse “Fisterra”.
  • Third place: Kate McKinney with horse “Por Ella”.

Finally, those ranked for the 2** (two-star) level were:

  • First place: Almudena Martín de Oliva with horse “Udona Van Het Lindehof”.
  • Second place: Max Schot with horse “París D´auge”.
  • Third place: Alexandra Gómez Albella with horse “Curro Jiménez”.

The winners of the competition received prizes in cash, as well as blankets and rosettes for their horses.
The  Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports has been long betting on this type of assessments, promoting them across the entire country, thus achieving high recognition and interest among the equestrian community.

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