Spanish Championship FEDDI 2014: C.E.E. El Molino

One more year (making them four), the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports supported the participation of El Molino Special Education Center (C.E.E. El Molino) in the Spanish Horse-Riding Championship FEDDI 2014.
C.E.E. El Molino was born in Pamplona as a welfare plan linked to the Ciganda Ferrer Foundation, aimed at providing care for young people with mental disabilities and associated needs.
On 6th-11th April 2014, a group of 7 riders with chaperones attended Zamora to take part in the FEDDI 2014, a very comprehensive event where, apart from the competition, performed on the last day, riders can enjoy three days of horse-riding and adapted activities.
El Molino takes part in this activity with the aim of awarding those students who worked in the therapy program during the year, also providing them with the benefits of horse-riding, especially at a social and emotional level. Motivation reaps its fruits, and these students managed to come in second place by teams, almost getting the medal in the Adapted II level.
With this collaboration, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports encourages the participation of disabled people in events that not only increase their motivation, but also provide tangible benefits to the social and emotional scope of their therapy.

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