“Crecer Cabalgando” (Grow up Riding) – Robledales de Ultzama Equestrian Centre– Mangado y Asociados, S.L.

For the first time, the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport and Robledales de Ultzama Equestrian Centre, which belongs to Mangado y Asociados, S.L., based in Pamplona, have signed an agreement for both institutions to collaborate in the program “Crecer Cabalgando” (Grow up Riding).


“Crecer Cabalgando” (Grow up Riding), is an equine therapy program oriented to children from the Asociación Navarra de Autismo (Navarra Association of Autism), ANA,and the Asociación Síndrome de Down de Navarra (Down Syndrome Association from Navarre), who suffer Autism Spectrum Disorders and Down Syndrome, what means giving assistance to a total of 15 children aged from 3 to 9.

Equine Therapy sessions were held for four weeks, in April and May, each beneficiary receiving a 30 minutes session a week.

The first goal of this project was to foster contact with horses and nature through Equine Therapy.


Once again, the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport  facilitates the access to the equine world and the initiation into sports and therapeutic practice to those groups targeted to receive their benefits, fostering within them a long-term commitment with the activity.



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