Clinic delivered by Patricio Maldonado in Los Porches, La Coruña

On 28th, 29th and 30th January, at the Horse Riding Club Los Porches de La Coruña, an Obstacle Jumping Clinic was delivered by the well-known rider and trainer, Patricio Maldonado.
20 young riders attended the event, aged 14-20 years old, who regularly take part in regional and national competitions.


The Clinic was divided in three; during the first day they performed gymnastic exercises on various floor bars and different layouts used to assess the level of horses and riders; on the second day they worked on conditioned tracks, alternating their direction and the number of bars; and, on the third and last day, they performed jumping over an obstacle trail for each of the groups, where the attending students could assess what they had learned over the previous days.



  • Álvaro García-Ramos
  • Berta Escuris
  • Catalina Ares Bouza
  • Catuxa Criado Herrero
  • Cristina Domato
  • Diego Lage Domínguez
  • Eugenia Martínez de Vierna
  • Isaac Riveiro Franco
  • Jacobo Cosme Fernández
  • Jorge Valiente
  • Leticia Vázquez Quejas
  • Maria García Paz
  • Marta Sánchez
  • Marta Santos Llano
  • Paloma Aldir García
  • Patricia Ballesta Brandariz
  • Paula López Vallespir
  • Sara Martínez Suárez
  • Tamara Pérez Roca
  • José Maria Saez

The Clinic, with collaboration from the Horse-Riding Club Los Porches and the Galician Horse-Riding Federation, was organized by the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports, as part of its broad-ranged work to continue helping train the younger ones in the sport.

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