Materials and Infrastructure Improvement: Camino de Herradura

This year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports contributed to improve infrastructures and to recycle adapted materials owned by the Caminos de Herradura Association by signing a new collaboration agreement, the fifth between both entities.
With the donation supplied by our Foundation, Caminos de Herradura was able to improve its facilities by setting up a portable iron ladder, to be used by people with reduced mobility. Besides, it received new materials to perform adapted horse-riding sessions.
This collaboration benefited around 45 regular users per week, as well as the other entities with which Caminos de Herradura regularly engages in the Community of Madrid.
In this way, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports favors the practice of horse-riding, bringing it closer to people who have more difficulties to enjoy it, providing them with the means required to develop this sport under equal conditions.

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