“A mi cole ha llegado un caballo” (“A horse has come to my school”) – Asociación Equidad Terapias Ecuestres

For the first time, Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre have set an agreement with Asociación Equidad Terapias, from Alicante, to support a Horse Assisted Intervention project for the pupils at APADIS Special Needs Education Centre.

The program, conducted throughout the school year, targets 34 boys and girls arranged into 3 groups with 7 to 12 members, to receive from 2 to 5 sessions every month.
During the first quarter, work is centred on the younger children and those with more severe needs, since they require more specific attention and volunteers with a special training.

During the colder months, they work with the students in the middle age-range and those with greater personal autonomy, and finish with the older pupils.

Every child has his/her own program, tailored to his/her own developmental stadium and degree of functional diversity (physical or psychological). They receive specific training and participate in different activities in order to improve their condition.
For Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre, its clear how Horse Therapies helps them to overcome their fears, get control of their balance and movement coordination, enjoying themselves while they learn.

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