Horse-Assisted Interventions Program – ASPACE Baleares

Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre and ASPACE Baleares sign their sixth collaboration agreement, through which the Foundation provides adapted riding equipment for their Horse-Assisted Interventions program.

The IAC Project targets children, youths and adults with physical, cognitive or sensory diversity, multisystem pathologies or social difficulties.
These interventions are performed individually with a minimum of one 40 minutes session per week.
The recipients of the equipment have been 65 residents and outpatients at ASPACE, 69 users of the “Es Siurell” Day Care Center and Vuit Vents Care Home, 6 students from Pinyol Vermel Special Education School, and the Adapted Leisure and Sport team.

The supplementary service offered by ASPACE is very positive for the comprehensive development and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and provides resources to strengthen their emotional and social skills through leisure activities, all concerns shared by Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre.

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