Equinetherapy Workshop – San Jorge E.E.

The Riding School of San Jorge in Madrid continues with its project developed in 2008, until now,  conducted an Equine therapy workshop during the months of May to July for 6 students with various pathologies, who received support thanks to the Foundation to cover the scholarships.
The children who benefitted from these grants received therapy for 30 – 40 minutes, in direct contact with the horses, actively participating in the scheduled activities and gradually achieving the objectives, amongst which were:

  • Work Esteem
  • Developing balance and improving the control of the torso while riding.
  • Obtaining greater independence for the rider and increased freedom of movement.
  • Encouraging the practice of riding as a healing and educational tool.

2013_et14a 2013_et4b
The children with scholarships have tried and benefitted from equine therapy this year, and with their progress set, the quality of their lives and those of their parents have improved. They see their children overcoming limitations like autism, epilepsy and Lejeune Syndrome.

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