Associations and Therapeutic Riding Centers Meeting

Once again, The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport and the Caballo Amigo Foundation came together to organize the Eighth Annual Meeting of Hippotherapy Associations, a meeting between professionals from different institutions working in the area of Therapeutic Riding in Spain.
The meeting took place on January 20th at the Campo Villa Club in Madrid. The session began at 11:00 hours, opening the meeting with different expositions of projects and continuing with the final conclusions and lunch, which would close the meeting around 16:30 hours.
The main objectives of this annual meeting are:

  • Establish direct contact among the representatives of different institutions conducting equestrian activities for people with disabilities.
  • Know the real needs of each institution and / or professional to be able to provide technical advice and assistance from the Foundation.
  • Discuss the common problems among those involved in therapeutic riding in our country.
  • Establish ties to develop joint programs among the different institutions.
  • Collection of Projects for 2014 with the different applications.

The associations, meanwhile, have supported this initiative again with their presence and their interest, taking the opportunity to not only present their own activities, but also broaden perspectives, generate new ideas and exchange views with those people who, though in places and with different users, dedicate their lives to Therapeutic Riding.

  • Caballo Amigo Foundation
  • Cavalli Foundation
  • C.E. and Biki Blasco Equinotherapy
  • APTC – Association of Professional Therapies with Horses from Valencia
  • Madrid Association of Equestrian Therapies MAIARA
  • Riendamiga Association
  • Positive Riding Association
  • MHG Foundation
  • Paraequivent
  • San Jorge Riding School
  • Carriegos Foundation
  • ASPACE Balearics
  • PE &CO Association
  • Environment Association of Doñana
  • ASPACE Navarre
  • CNTE La Herradura
  • Zootherapy Extremadura
  • Aprosuba 4
  • ADHIN Association
  • EQUURA Equestrian Therapies
  • Horche Riding Club
  • Carmen Herrero Matesanz
  • Unicornio Azul Association
  • Tiovivo Foundation
  • Luz Miriam Díaz
  • La Cruz Riding School


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