Adapted Riding – Don Caballo Fundación Privada (Don Caballo Private Foundation)

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and Fundación Privada Don Caballo at Vilanova del Vallés, Barcelona, have come to an agreement to carry out an adapted riding program for children at the CDIAP (Child Development and Early Care Centre; Centre de Desenvolupament Infantil i Atenció Precoç, in Catalonian language), at Mollet and Granollers, as well as in other Special Needs Education Centres. This will be their first cooperation experience.

A group of 60 children, showing multiple disabilities and difficulties to access other types of sports, were able to participate in the program, attending sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the third quarter of 2015, and receive its benefits at both individual and group levels.
Fundación para la Promocion del Deporte Equestre is committed with the development of this type of program, during which participants approach a sport based on building up a relationship with the horse and working along with the animal, while learning classic horsemanship basic techniques.  These programs have multiple benefits for people suffering from functional impairments or emotional disorders.IMG_6169

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