Adapted Equipment – Equitación como Terapia Association

The -AET- Asociación Equitación como Terapia (Riding as Therapy Association), is a non-profit organization, which develops its activities at the Magerit horse center, in the Sports Club El Tejar de Somontes (Madrid).
The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports supported, again, the work of this association providing it with adapted material for the development of therapies with horses performed in the center.

Currently the AET team consists of:
2 Horses: Diva, Nabucco.
3 Equine therapists : Almudena Torres, Alba Aguayo and Nuria Gomez, trainned in the Expert in Therapeutic Riding Master, at the Complutense University of Madrid, through the Caballo Amigo Foundation.
The AET offers their therapies program from Monday through Friday, to a total of 55 users who attend weekly therapies. Most patients are children, who attend in the afternoon, after they have left their schools and / or special centers, but also several adults benefit from their services relying on them part of their rehabilitation (sclerosis, strokes, … ).
Thanks to the equestrian material received this year, and combined with the material from previous years, the AET has the possibility to have for each of the two horses, adult and children riding material, so there is no wasted time between sessions having to switch the garments from a horse to another, giving more time for the users to enjoy their therapy.

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