Caballo Amigo Foundation

Caballo Amigo Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Madrid, that since 1998 works for the promotion of equestrian therapies all over the country.

Caballo Amigo Foundation has clearly set goals, among which are: to develop and spread equestrian activities oriented to people with special needs; to increase the number of beneficiaries in the programs; to integrate equestrian therapies in education centres and specialised institutions; to improve the assistance given to people with special needs by full-equipping the installations of the centres and by offering support therapies; to give advise, counsel and guide equestrian centres in the attention of people at disadvantage; to promote equestrian therapies, by training university experts and professionals of the equestrian field; to assist physically challenged people through equestrian sports.

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre has established a cooperation agreement with Caballo Amigo Foundation so they can continue their work in the following areas:

  • The intervention program «The horse as a therapeutic resource for the education of children with visual impairment and deaf-blindness«. The program began in 2007, in cooperation with ONCE  (Spanish National Organization of the Visually Impaired), and has been sponsored by FPDE before. Beneficiaries are pupils at Antonio Vicente Mosquete Centre (which belongs to ONCE).
  • Their educational program «Inclusive Horse Riding Training», with training activities for professionals for the development of equestrian activities aimed at people with disabilities.

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