Entities with which we collaborate in 2022

Our Collaborations

Entities with which we have signed a collaboration agreements for the year 2022.

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre is partner with Complutense University of Madrid in the third edition of their
EQUIDINAMIA Sports Medicine and Equine Physiotherapy is formed by a team of professionals dedicated since 2015 to rehabilitation and injure
APTC was created in 2007 to provide therapeutic, educational and leisure services based on HAI (Horse Assisted Interventions). They also
ABAQUR was established in Madrid in January 2015. Its main goal is the promotion of equestrian activities among people with
The Equitación como Terapia Association was established in 2010 at Magerit Riding Centre, as a result of the increase in
Psicoanimal is a non-profit organization developed by a team of Health and Animal Care professionals who want to raise attention
In 2003, Positive Horse Riding Association was established, with its headquarters at Riding Centre “El Asturcón”, in Oviedo council. The
Maiara is a non profit association that conducts equestrian therapies for people with physical, intellectual or sensorial impairment, as well
Nuevo Horizonte Association is a not for profit organization. Its mission is to promote the wellbeing of people suffering from
Zooterapia Extremadura is a non-profit association with over 14 years experience in the equestrian world, working in the field of
ASPACE Confederation is a non profit organization, declared of public interest that brings together the main institutions related to Cerebral
ASPACE Confederation is a non-profit institution, declared of public interest, which unites the main organizations assisting Cerebral Palsy in Spain.
Ntra. Sra. de la Aurora is a private, Special Needs School, focused on attention to diversity within the School System,
Caminos de Herradura S.L. offers Equestrian Therapies as an alternative treatment for people of all ages suffering from physical or
Year 2002 is the starting point for the activities of “El Molino” Job Qualification Special Centre, which belongs to the
Equinoterapia Girona Mas Alba (Mas Alba Equine Therapy Center) was built with a clearly therapeutic and integrating intention. Its objective
Caballo Amigo Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Madrid, that since 1998 works for the promotion of equestrian therapies
Cavalli is a non-profit organization that rescues, recovers and fosters equines, and also conducts educational, leisure and therapeutic programs with
ADEG Association is a non-profit institution, born in 2001 to promote and facilitate access to Horse Assisted Therapy (HAT) to
Aerkitemo is an Association that pays attention to students with special educational needs related to multiple disabilities that affect their
This institution, born in Dos Hermanas, Seville, in 2007, gives equestrian professional services in therapy and rehabilitation, leisure, education and
Sport Care AM 4horses is the entity managed by María Villalba Orero: –           University Degree (Bachelor of Science), in Veterinary Science.
Asociación AL PASO, established as a non-profit association (registration number: 605758), seeks to promote the personal development, the quality of
Equidad Terapias is a non-profit organization that works to convert hippotherapy into a rehabilitative resource, affordable and close, for those
Emoticanimal’s main objective is to provide Assisted Therapies with Horses and Assisted Therapies with Dogs as complementary therapy for people
Fundación ACAVALL is dedicated to the development of programs of Therapy, Education and Leisure assisted with Animals in Valencia. Its
Asociación Caballcan offers Therapy and Assisted Activities with Dogs and Horses at the Equestrian Center Robledales de Ultzama. They are

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