Course on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of Animals in the Complutense University of Madrid. Third edition of the degree created by the CUM “Expert in the Bases of Animal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation”, started in 2012-2013.

“Control postural del binomio jinete-caballo. Core training” (Horse and Rider Body Posture Control. Core training). Clinic on “Control postural del binomio jinete-caballo. Core training” by  Equidinamia Medicina Deportiva Fisioterapia Equina (Sports Medicine and Equine Physiotherapy) on March 10th and 11that  Asociación Amigos del Caballo (Griñón). The Clinic, oriented to riders, trainers, and amateurs, focuses ona correct posture and stability, both by the rider and by the horse, to prevent posture problems and muscle pain, and to facilitate the training of specific routines.

IV Course on Equine Cardiology – María Villaba – Equine Cardiology. May, 19th and 20th at Yeguada Caballero, Guadalajara.