Equine-Assisted Therapies Programs 2017


Meeting with various associations and equestrian centers. Held on January 16th 2017 at the Country Club Villa de Madrid, it was attended by 18 centers from different regions of the country, where they presented their projects for this year and shared their experiences in the area with the rest of the attendants. This annual meeting, which has been taking place uninterruptedly since 2007, is one of the most popular among our collaborators.


We collaborate with several equestrian at a national level, in the development of seminars and volunteering courses, for the preparation of youths and people involved in the equestrian world, with the aim of providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to take part in future equine therapy sessions.

Course on “Autism Spectrum Disorders in Equestrian Environments: Hypo-therapy with Riendamiga” – Riendamiga Association. Basic course on ASD in the equestrian environment oriented to parents and families, health professional, volunteers.(capacity: 15-25).  4 modules, and a total of 12 hours, during weekends. Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Promotion of volunteerism and training of volunteers as Horse Assisted Therapy Support Workers – ADEG, Asociación de Equinoterapia de Girona  (Girona Equine Therapy Association).  From July to December, for 18-25 volunteers.

Classic Dressage Seminar- Biki Blasco Riding Centre. Oriented to all persons with an interest in classic dressage, or who would like to start training, judging or competing in this discipline. From April 29th to May 1st in Navarra.

Training Courses for Volunteers on equestrian activities oriented to persons with disabilities – Fundación Caballo Amigo. Training course aimed at volunteers who can commit to attending once a week to the equestrian sessions for disabled people. The goal is to provide them with basic training in horse care and management and horse-riding, with the aim of achieving their active participation in the development of the therapies delivered by this foundation from Madrid. 4 hours of theoretical lessons and four hours of practical training on horse management and riding. Madrid.

Technical Assistant of equestrian therapy course – Equitación como Terapia Association. Theoretical and practical training for assistants-volunteers of this madrilenian Association in order to improve the areas of twin riding, external specialized help, and horse control to provide a better services to its users.

Para-equestrian Dressage Day – Equitación como Terapia Association and the University of Alcalá de Henares with the collaboration of the RFHE. A para-equestrian Dressage Day in Madrid  consisting in a Conference on the discipline of para-equestrian dressage and adapted dressage, and an exhibition of para-equestrian dressage. It will be held in the University of Alcalá de Henares (granting credits for assistance) with the collaboration of the Real Federación Hípica Española.


VI National Paraequestrian Conference – Real Federación Hípica Española – Adapted Riding.  Fourth edition of this Classical Adapted Dressage event,  gathering 85 participants at the Equestrian Center of Castilla y León, in Segovia. Attended by a broad range of representatives from the different areas of this discipline: horse-riders, trainers, commissioners, judges and medical classifiers, taking part in various seminars, round tables and sport practices. End of 2017.

Apprenticeship for workers with diversity – San Jorge Riding School. Gives 5 youths the opportunity of getting hands-on knowledge of the job of a stable workers, and contributes to their integration in the labour market. Three months training, from Monday to Friday on a 9 to 13 h schedule. San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.

Camp for children with diversity at “El Bosque de los Sueños” – Equitación Positiva Association.  5 days stay for 25 participants at Cabillos del Sil. June 2017.

Adapted Riding School Phases I and II – FNDA – Federación Navarra de Deportes Adaptados (Navarra Adapted Sports Federation). In collaboration with Federación Navarra de Deportes Adaptados, an adapted horse-riding school will be organized to run in non-school/non-work hours, so as to promote social inclusion by allowing people with and without disabilities to participate in horse-riding activities. Four one hour and a half sessions, followed by a second inclusive phase with four sessions running for 4 hours. May and June 2017 at Biki Blasco Riding Club. 8 beneficiaries. Pamplona.

XIX Navarra Riding Games – FNDA – Federación Navarra de Deportes Adaptados (Navarra Adapted Sports Federation).   In order to promote the sport among people with mental disabilities, the Navarra Federation of Adapted Sports teaches horse-riding lessons, with 2-hour practices for 4 days, by groups of 8-10 students. At the end of the course comes the Navarra Championship in this specialty, which shall serve as evaluation. From March to October, with 260 participants from different clubs at special needs education schools.

“My friend the Pony Expréss” – Pe&Co Association. Social inclusion program oriented tominors without disabilities attending public or private special needs education and integration schools. 50 beneficiaries per year. Madrid.

“A horse in your schoolyard” – ASETE (Association of Specialists in Equestrian Therapies). Equestrian Activities running for three hours and twenty minutes at different special needs education schools. 140 beneficiaries. Valencia.

Participation of El Molino S.N.E.S. in the XIX Navarra Adapted Riding Games. 4 mornings between March and May. 60 beneficiaries. Pamplona.

Participation of El Molino S.N.E.S. in the Spanish Riding Championship FEDDI. From March 28th to April 2nd, at El Trisquel Riding Centre (Pamplona). 7 beneficiaries.

Support and maintenance of the adapted riding activities in the Asturcón Riding Centre – Equitación Positiva Association. For 4 Classic Dressage Horsemen participating in National Championships. Oviedo, Asturias

Equestrian and Therapeutic Workshops in the Madrid Horse Week – Madrid Sur Equine Therapy Association. 150-200 beneficiaries. Inclusive riding, horseshoeing, horse care…November 2017. Madrid.


Adaptation of Equestrian Centers and Supply of Adapted Equestrian Materials

In 2017, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports is collaborating in:

Infrastructure Improvement.

  • Roof and workshops enclosure. Terapias Ecuestres La Solana, Espartinas, Sevilla.
  • Ring closing and sand. ÁGATA – (Cadiz Equestrian Therapies Association) Asoc. Gaditana de Terapias Ecuestres, Puerto Real, Cádiz.
  • Refurbishment of the working area of the indoor arena. C.E.E. Ntra. Sra. De la Aurora; Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).
  • Adapted toilet for persons with reduced mobility. Abaqur, Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid.
  • Extension and conditioning of the fence, for equine therapy purposes. Caminos de Herradura, Becerril de la Sierra, Madrid

Building adapted ramp to get on the horse:

  • Asociación El Aula a Caballo, Córdoba.
  • Equitalia Valladolid.

In 2017, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports is contributing with many associations:

Adapted Horse-Riding Materials

  • Ecrin Terapias, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid.
  • Asociación Paraequivet, Zaragoza.
  • Equitea, Bormujos, Sevilla.
  • Aprosuba 2, Almendralejo, Badajoz.
  • Psicoanimal, Madrid.
  • APPCT- Asociación Provincial de Parálisis Cerebral en Tarragona.
  • Aspace Baleares, Marratxi, Islas Baleares.
  • APNEEF, Asoc.Personas con Necesidades Especiales de Eivissa y Fomentera.
  • AZE -Asoc. Zooterapia Extremadura, San Rafael de Olivenza, Badajoz.
  • Asociación Plena Inclusión Don Benito, Badajoz.
  • Asociación Équma Terapias Ecuestres, Espartinas, Sevilla.
  • Asoc. Madrileña de Terapias Ecuestres MAIARA, en Torrelodones, Madrid.
  • Fundación Cavalli, Alhama de Murcia, Murcia.
  • Caminos de Herradura, Becerril de la Sierra, Madrid.
  • Asociación IAC la Manada, Sevilla.

Therapy Program

Horse Assited Therapies for Minors in Foster Families – EAIA – Equipo de Atención a la Infancia y la Adolescencia de Badalona (Infant and Youth Attention Team in Badalona).  Assistance to 6 Families from January to June 2017.

Equine Therapy for prison inmates going through substance abuse rehabilitation – Ekinatur Asociación de Terapias Asistidas con Animales (Animal-assisted Therapies Association). 20 beneficiaries. 4 sessions from March to May, 2017, in Cella, Teruel.

Neighing Emotions: Educational intervention for vulnerable minors in nursing homes – Asociación Katuka, Educación Con Caballos (Education with Horses). 6-8 minors aged 4 to 13. Fortnightly sessions during de first weekend in March and on. Beramendi, Navarra.

Including on Horseback 2017 – Arekitemo. 39 students, aged from 3 to 21, from S.N.E.S. Gorbeialde HBI in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Fortnightly sessions for each group on Tuesdays, from March to June. Victoria, Álava.

Proyecto “Compartimos ilusiones” (Project “We share our thrills”) – CabalCan Association. Horse Assisted Activities for adolescents and children with functional neurodiversity, from ANAIF Association.  Fortnightly sessions held from December 2016 to March 2017. Navarra.

Therapeutic Program – APTC –Asociación de Profesionales de Terapias con Caballos  (Horse Therapy Professional Association). Group of 10 students aged 3 to 6, from S.N.E.S Profesor Sebastián Burgos, all with permanent and extensive special educational needs. 6 weekly sessions over a month and a half. From March to June 2017. Valencia.

Therapy with animals 2017 – S.N.E. Public School Andrés Muñoz Garde. 23 students suffering from motor diversity, multiple disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders or maladaptive behaviour.  Seven 30 minutes sessions, two days a week, from 10:30  to 13:20h. Pamplona.

We need to ride, ¿Can you help us? –  ASPACE Navarra. Equine Therapy for persons suffering from multiple disabilities, from Aspace Navarra Nursing Home. 24 users took 4 sessions in the October – November period. Cizur Menor, Pamplona.

“Physical activity and horses: towards an improved sensory integration – ASPANAES Ferrol.  Equestrian Therapies for children and youths aged 5 to 16, from ASPANAES. From March to June 2017. Two days a week/2 hours per session. Ferrol, La Coruña.

Empowerment of women who have suffered Gender Violence, through horse assisted therapies – Entorno Doñana Association. 6 months, with six fortnightly sessions, three hours each, for 12 participants. Alpedrete, Madrid.

The horse as a therapeutic resource for the education of children with sight impairment and deaf-blindness – Fundación Caballo Amigo. Equine Therapy Project within the educational program of the Spanish National Association for the Blind Centre Antonio Vicente Mosquete, for children suffering from sight impairment and deaf-blindness. From March to June. Madrid.

Equestrian Therapy for Adults suffering from Austism Spectrum Disorders – Nuevo Horizonte Association. Adults aged from 23 to 47 suffering from ASD. 40 sessions, 4 hours each, conducted from January to December on a weekly basis. Las Rozas, Madrid.

Hypo-therapy in ASPACE Segovia – ASPACE Segovia. Oriented to persons suffering from cerebral palsy and other similar neurological disorders, at Castilla León Riding Centre. 45 minutes weekly sessions, from February to December. 12 participants benefiting from a 30 days therapy.

Horse Assisted Intervention Program – Centro Nazareno de Terapias Ecuestres La Herradura S.Coop.And.  (Equestrian Therapies Nazarene Centre La Herradura S. Coop. And. ). 8 adults from APASCIDE Association, benefit from theory and practice sessions during 10 months. Dos Hermanas, Seville.

Horse Assisted Therapy Grants for a group of youths with intellectual diversity – Fundación Carriegos. From February to December, 45 minutes weekly sessions for 10 participants aged 6 to 26. León


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