Training Course in Auxiliary of Equestrian Therapies for Professionals – Asociación EquiTEA

Training Course in Auxiliary of Equestrian Therapies for Professionals on June 8th, 9th and 10th at Club Hípico Zaudín (Seville), by Asociación EquiTEA, and with which the Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre collaborates in the of Agreements established in the year 2018.

This second Course will allow to know and access the Physiotherapeutic Equestrian World, understanding why Horses are the perfect companions to develop certain physical skills and rehabilitate others, as well as to know the innumerable benefits of including the Horse and its movements biomechanics in the intervention with people with physical pathologies, and what aspects should be handled by the professionals who dedicate themselves to it.

More information: www.equitea.es/servicios/promociones

Opened the term of Reception of Projects 2018

Dear friends, 

Facing the next season 2018, on December 12th 2017, and until Janury 15 th 2018, we open the logo fundacion sin textoreception projects term for the next exercise to that entities that wish to opt to any helps of our Foundation. 

The project to present has to be detailed, specifying the objectives to achieve, and setting the endowment- material list  or economic amount requested-, to be studied with detail. 

Our support can be materialized in different ways:  an economic contribution for the improvement of infrastructure, through the provision of riding  or hippotherapy material, the sponsorship of a course, etc., all depending on the project and aims to carry out. 

There is not a specific model of project , each association has to send it in the way that consider more appropiate, but is necessary to specify:

  • Name and association data. Location.
  • Person (s) responsible (s) of the project.
  • Name of the project and explanation of it. Date of start, end, and number of beneficiaries.
  • Endowement requested and detailed.

We will accept projects for the next exercise until Janury 15th 2018.

They should be sent by email to informacion@fundacionecuestre.org in order to reduce the use of paper in collusion with the environment. In case your files are heavy you can use external tools such as WeTransfer or share folders in the cloud.

In the last case, the ordinary mail address would be the following:

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre 
C / El Temple No. 3,  Bajo C 
15679 La Coruña

For more information do not doubt to contact on: 0034981661863 or, via Facebook: www.facebook.com/FundacionEcuestre.


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