Course on Injury Prevention and Improvement of Horse Performance – Equidinamia

Theoretical-practical course on June 10th organized by Equidinamia to learn how to identify problems in your horse in afun_con_equidinamia
premature way that can lead to injuries: learning to evaluate your horse and its conformation, exercises to improve the sports health, to know if the mount is well adjusted, etc.

Information about this course:
Course Characteristics
- Date: June 10th, 2017
- Venue: Virgen de las Nieves Clinical Veterinary Hospital, Fuente el Saz, Madrid.
- Duration: one day morning and afternoon.
- Type of course: theoretical / practical
- Aimed at: riders, amateurs and professionals of the equestrian sector.
- Maximum number of students: 20
- Price of the course per student: still to be defined based on the cost of facilities, organizational expenses and possibility of subsidies.

For more information about this course, you can visit Equidinamia website  - equidinamia.es, contact at info@equidinamia.es, 0034 636 14 54 98 – 0034 626 322 124.

Complutense University of Madrid Summer Course – “We are Animals, Our Unusual Connection”

This course aims to be a place for reflection and debate on the man-animal relationship established since prehistory and that has continued to this day being reflected in art, society, medicine or science.

Speakers such as the Prince of Asturias Awards, Dr. Ignacio Martinez Mendizabal and Dr. Jose Luis Arzuaga, the Director of the Jane Goodall Institute, Dr. Rebeca Attendance, the filmmaker Javier Trueba, and the Director of the Complutense University of Madrid Summer Courses, Dr. Manuel Álvarez Junco.

In the direction of the course join forces the Veterinaire Paloma Forés Jackson, and Dr. in Fine Arts, Sonia Cabello García.

In parallel, there will be an art exhibition about the same theme.

Its celebration will be from July 10th to 14th at El Escorial.


UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-1 UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-9 UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-10 UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-11 UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-12 UCM - Dossier Somos Animales Patrocinadores (Marzo 2017)-13


Expert in Bases of Physiotherapy and Animal Rehabilitation – Complutense University of Madrid

Name: Expert in Bases of Physiotherapy and Animal Rehabilitation.X Logo UCM

Place: Hospital Clínico Veterinario Complutense  - Complutense University of Madrid.

Dates: October 2016-October 2017.

This Title of 500 hours is aimed at veterinarians, and begins with a first course of “Expert in Physiotherapy and Animal Rehabilitation Bases” of 250 hours theoretical-practical duration, and continues the following year with a Title of “Expert in Physiotherapy and Equine Rehabilitation” of another 250 hours, to complete the training.

The program for this first year is distributed in ten intensive three-day monthly modules (from October 2016 to October 2017), in which the initial agenda is gathered to acquire the necessary bases in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the veterinarian, Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Basic and Functional Neurology, Locomotive Physiology, Physiology of Pain, Behavior, Physical Therapy Evaluation, Manual Therapy, Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Training, Bases of Diagnostic Imaging, Active Therapy, Neuromuscular Bandages, Chiropractic or Alternative Holistic Therapies among others.

Theoretical and practical classes are developed mainly in the facilities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Complutense Veterinary Clinical Hospital (Hospital Clínico Veterinario Complutense), but also include several visits to important centers (the Veterinary Specialties Hospital VETSIA, various equestrian centers,  the Military Center of Avila …).

The program maintains a theoretical load of 50%, and a practical load of 50%.


More information on the following link to the UCM Veterinary Faculty website: vetholist.com/?page_id=19

Opened the term of Reception of Projects 2017

Dear friends, 

of face to the next season 2017, on December 7th 2016, and until Janury 15 th 2017, we open the logo fundacion sin textoreception projects term for the next exercise to that entities that wish to opt to any helps of our Foundation. 

The project to present has to be detailed, specifying the objectives to achieve, and setting the endowment- material list  or economic amount requested-, to be studied with detail. 

Our support can be materialized in different ways:  an economic contribution for the improvement of infrastructure, through the provision of riding  or hippotherapy material, the sponsorship of a course, etc., all depending on the project and aims to carry out. 

There is not a specific model of project , each association has to send it in the way that consider more appropiate, but is necessary to specify: 

-Name and association data. Location. 

-Person (s) responsible (s) of the project. 

-Name of the project and explanation of it. Date of start, end, and number of beneficiaries. 

-Endowement requested and detailed. 

We will accept projects for the next exercise until Janury 15th 2017. 

They have to be sent through email to informacion@fundacionecuestre.org, or to the following address: 

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre 
C / El Temple No. 3,  Bajo C 
15679 La Coruña 

For more information do not doubt to contact on: 0034981661863 or, via Facebook: www.facebook.com/FundacionEcuestre.


Fundación para la Promoción
del Deporte Ecuestre

C/ El Temple nº 3, bajo C
15679 La Coruña

C/ Espalter nº5, 1º Izq.
28014 Madrid

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