Fundación La Manreana

Fundación La Manreana was born in Juneda-Les Garrigues (LLeida) in 2009 thanks to the initiative of a high school that carries the same name and a group of people who share the same social ideals. Being aware of the needs of society, decide an effort to launch, in a totally altruistic way, a social prroject whose main destinations are people with disabilities and all those at risk of social exclusion.

In 2019 they receive adapted equestrian material from Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre.

For more information: www.fundaciolamanreana.org



Fundación para la Promoción
del Deporte Ecuestre

C/ Uno nº12 1ºD G7, Pol. Pocomaco
15190 La Coruña

Video presentation of the Foundation

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