Asociación Nacional de Terapias Asistidas con Animales Psicoanimal (National Association for Horse Assisted Therapies)


Psicoanimal is a non-profit organization developed by a team of Health and Animal Care professionals who want to raise attention towards Assisted Therapies with Animals (ATA), its decisive social and therapeutic impact and their many possible practical implementations.

Their needs for 2019 are to continue completing the tack for the therapy horses, so Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre will provide them with therapeutic materials

For more information about Psicoanimal: http://psicoanimal.org/


Fundación para la Promoción
del Deporte Ecuestre

C/ Uno nº12 1ºD G7, Pol. Pocomaco
15190 La Coruña

Video presentation of the Foundation

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