Ágata Terapia con Animales (Association for Animal Assisted Therapies)

Ágata, the Cadiz Association for Animal Assisted Therapies, was constituted in Cádiz on AprilLogo Ágata 13th, 2012, as a non-profit association. The activities they conduct are: individual therapy, group therapy, courses on equestrian therapies and educational workshops on horse or health related issues, such as group sessions with physiotherapists.

The increase in the number of users and activities conducted, is forcing them to optimize their resources and time management, and Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre has estimated to collaborate in 2019 with Agatha with the donation of adapted riding equipment.

For more information about Ágata: www.facebook.com/agataAsociacionGaditanaDeTerapiasConAnimales


Fundación para la Promoción
del Deporte Ecuestre

C/ Uno nº12 1ºD G7, Pol. Pocomaco
15190 La Coruña

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