Technique and Style Assessments in Sotogrande, Cádiz

The Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports sponsored the Technique and Style performed on 25th September at the Horse-Riding Center of Sotogrande, opening the schedule for “Fall 2010”, with keen interest shown by the attendants.

An overall 39 participants rode in the track built by the technical director of the center under the regulations governing this type of assessments.

2010_d8d 2010_d8a

Horsemen and horsewomen gathered to compete in the various modalities, obtaining the following results in the 1* (one-star) assessment:

  • First place: Franco Quarta with horse “Molina”.
  • Second place: Raúl Oliva Martínez with horse “Kindor de Lisle”.
  • Third place: Danielle Spencer with horse “Naty Go”.

The following ranking was obtained for the 2** (two-star) modality:

  • First place: Josechu Amado with horse “Tandor H”.
  • Second place: Almudena Martín de Oli with horse “Udona Van Het Lindehof”.
  • Third place: María Salamanca with horse “Oostgraaf”.

2010_d8b 2010_d8c

The winners of the competition were given different cash prizes by the organization, as well as rosettes and blankets for the horses.


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